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Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content sites, such as blogs. You pay only when your Pay Per Click - PPC ad is clicked. With search engines, you bid on keywords or keyword phrases relevant to your business. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

When you use PPC on your website, you will display an advertisement when a keyword query matches your keyword list, or when a content site displays displays your ad.


Who Offers Pay Per Click


Although many PPC providers exist, Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter are the three largest search engine providers. The largest non search engine provider is the online yellow pages directory named Verizon Superpages. All four operate under a bid-based model. Cost per click (CPC) varies depending on the search engine and the level of competition for a particular keyword.


Pay Per Click Advantages


·      Instant advertising exposure on search engines.

·      High return on investment (ROI) if managed properly. Reach qualified buyers.

·      You pay for targeted qualified leads from your geographic location choices.

·      Buyers clicking on your ad are looking to buy your product.

·      Reporting features allow you to analyze and manage your campaigns.

Local Pay Per Click

Target your ad to sell your products or services within your sales and service area. As a local business owner, you can target your ads to your city, town or regional metro area.  Google, Yahoo, MSN and Superpages all have network partners that utilize their local search results. This means even more local leads for your business.

Your Own PPC Specialist

Our PPC specialists are seasoned campaign managers in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Superpages local PPC management. They will elevate your presence and visibility for all local search engines. Get your business noticed, so you can earn revenue from online advertising. Remember, we do not take a management percentage of your ad spend. We optimize your ads for maximum revenue for you! We drive business leads with search engine power.

Driving Leads With Search Engine Power 

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