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PPC Billing & Payments 

Credit card information

We take your credit card and billing information when you first set up your Pay Per Click program. We do not keep your credit card information in our office. It is securely stored in our merchant account billing with PayPal. If you need to edit your primary credit card or add a new credit card to your account, you will have to call us with your new information. 
What is a primary credit card

You can list multiple credit cards to your account. The primary card is the one that we will use to charge your monthly fee. If the primary does not work, then we will attempt to charge an alternive card if you have filed one with us. If still no valid card, we contact you for corrections.

When do you charge my card for your service fee
Your credit card will be charged after the 25th of each month for the next months service fee. Just like your Cable TV or FIOS TV service. If your credit card is declined during the Pay Per Click ad setup process, or any subsequent month, you will be emailed or called to resolve the issue. If no valid credit card is given prior to the 1st of each month, your PPC ads will be paused (no clicks to your website) until corrections have been instituted. Our monthly management fee billing is determined on the size and scope of your PPC campaigns and the time it would take for us to manage your PPC.  Under contract, so as not to charge you set up fees, our minimum monthly charge is $100 monthly, with a minimum contract length of 3 months. Most small business owners fall into this category. That's all from us, no other charges.
All other charges are between you and the search engines for click charges. They charge your credit card based on clicks received, and your bid amount for each keyword.